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Reserving A Post For Next Time...

.:Primed For I-Blog 2:.

I shall try my best to be there...

Sigh... I'm so tired. I was too busy watching the Gospel of Judas documentary, and I must say that it was a very compelling viewing for me...

As a pluralist, while it didn't shake my faith in anything one bit, it opened up to me the possibilities beyond the four synoptic gospels, and the stark contrast between the four gospels, and the Gnostics that Iranaeus so wanted to stamp out.

I will talk about it, all in due time.

.:Dumbledore, Still Alive?:.

In other news...

This website has some compelling evidence for me to begin to believe that Dumbledore may actually have faked his own death in the sixth book. Theories vary from a silent non-killing curse while Snape said "Avada Kedavra", to Dumbledore having his own Horcrux. All in all, a very interesting read. Check it out, if you're a Potter fan.
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