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In This Very Ring...

13th February, 2014. 9:58 pm. Given That Nobody Reads This Anymore...

I've decided that from this point on, if I'm not offering any exclusive content on the LJ that you can find on the blog anyways, I'm not cross-posting here anymore

I know it's weird for me to do this after all this time, but it has felt like a ghost town here in LJ for way too long already.

If an entry comes up here, it simply means that it has something I'm not willing to share on mistervader.com.

Thanks, if anyone still sees this.

(2 Cans Opened | Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

18th October, 2013. 5:37 pm. 2Hot 4 8List: 8 High-Profile Incidences of Plagiarism (Aside From Mark Solis and Rappler)

(2Hot To 8List are lists that for various, often obvious reasons, need to be published on a personal capacity, rather than as something that de facto represents the website I love to write for. I hope you enjoy it, because whether or not they ended up on the site, I still worked pretty hard on them, minus the epic graphic design you've come to know and love from the 8List.)

.:8 High Profile Incidences of Plagiarism Involving Pinoys Recent Memory (Aside From Mark Solis and Rappler):.

Not that it makes his contributions to the civil rights movement any less, but Martin Luther King actually committed plagiarism back in the day. It doesn’t make plagiarism any less right, nor should it make Mark Solis feel that he is in good enough company to have the nerve to expect to keep the $1000 prize money he got for ripping off somebody else’s photo. Solis’s attempt at justifying what he did is pretty much the same justification snatchers and hold-uppers have for robbing other people blind.

Of course, everybody’s got to eat and survive. But not everybody has to resort to thievery. Also, what’s Rappler’s excuse?

                                                  via rappler.com

Robin? Are you writing for a website now? Oh, right.

I have always been touchy over the subject of plagiarism. Ask me in person next time, and maybe I’ll tell you why. Here are 8 recent cases of plagiarism that did raise a few eyebrows, and proves that indeed, plagiarism is a crime that anyone, from any walk of life, is capable of doing.

8. Karlo Espiritu Writes for the Filipino Freethinkers About Objectivism, Gets Objectively Blasted

                                      via Filipino Freethinkers

They never claimed to be saints, though.

The Ripoff: One of the earliest celebrated articles on the Filipino Freethinkers website way back was “What’s So Wrong With Objectivism?” supposedly written by Karlo Espiritu. Unfortunately for Mr. Espiritu, a vicious detractor then proceeded to expose this article as a sham. I won’t pretend to understand or care about the intricacies of Randian philosophy, but this was a pretty big controversy for the Freethinkers at the time.

The Defense: Karlo Espiritu played the worst possible card in his defense – the “there are more important things to worry about than this” card. You will see a lot of this from others who have tried to make it seem like intellectual dishonesty is no big deal at all.

The Aftermath: Over time, the editorial process in the Filipino Freethinkers website became more stringent, and great care is taken in making sure sources are cited properly. Mr. Espiritu, on the other hand, has never written for the site again.

7. A Supreme Court Associate Justice Plagiarizes, Then Threatens Anyone Calling Him Out Over It With Contempt

                                                  via Inquirer.net

Awww. Who's oppressing you now, Mr. Justice?

The Ripoff: Anyone will tell you that “intent” is not necessarily a determining factor whether someone is innocent or guilty of plagiarism. Accidental plagiarism, if we were to be most charitable, still needs to at least be corrected. After all, how can ignorance be an excuse in the eyes of the law? Anyone can tell you it isn’t, but not this Associate Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court, no siree. In Associate Justice Mariano Del Castillo’s eyes, the decision he rendered over a case involving comfort women is perfectly kosher, no matter how many passages he may have lifted from A Fiduciary of Theory of Jus Cogens by Evan Criddle and Evan Fox-Descent, Breaking the Silence on Rape as an International Crime by Mark Ellis, or Enforcing Erga Omnes Obligations in International Law by Christian Tams.

The Defense: Well, damn. Aside from blaming his word processor for not informing him that he was plagiarizing (Damn you, Clippy!), Associate Justice Del Castillo threatened anyone who called him out on the controversy with contempt. You show ‘em who lays down the law, sir!

The Aftermath: We now have legal precedent to show that people who “did not intend to plagiarize” could very well get away with it scot-free if they managed to prove it. That’s right: we can now make that amazing novel about a wizard boy who grows up in a wizarding school and name him Harold Potbringer, and just say we never “intended” to plagiarize J.K. Rowling. Money!

6. Cueshe Rips Off Silverchair, But Still Manages To Suck

More like Cuesh*t, amirite?

The Ripoff: In “their” “hit” single “Stay,” the “band” known as Cueshe decided to “pay” an “homage” to both Silverchair’s “The Greatest View” and Simple Plan’s “Perfect”, but still somehow create horrible “music” while they’re at it. Read the Pinoy Exchange thread to see for yourself.

The Defense: Despite the fact that people can totally hear something once and have it affect them subconsciously, Cueshe claimed they were “unfamiliar” with the music of Silverchair and thus could not have possibly copied “The Greatest View,” in their very brief defense of their music.

On the other hand, I wish I could also claim I were unfamiliar with the “music” of Cueshe, myself. Blech.

The Aftermath: Nobody seems to care nowadays that this ripoff happened. Thankfully, nobody seems to care about Cueshe nowadays, either.

5. Department Of Tourism Rips Off Polska, Excites International Porn Sites

Don't worry about ripping off Poland. Nobody would ever know.

The Ripoff: In what was probably the most ill-advised tourism slogan ever since “Come to Abbottabad! Bin Laden’s chalk outline is still here,” the DOT decided to run a campaign called “Pilipinas Kay Ganda,” which had a logo that looked veeeery suspiciously like Poland’s own tourism effort.

The Defense: Finger-pointing, mostly. Not only was the logo a ripoff, but in promoting the campaign, they used the unfortunate URL: beautifulpilipinas.com, which was only one letter away from a porn site. No, we’re not giving you the URL for that.

The Aftermath: The campaign just quickly died a natural death. And then, “It’s More Fun In The Philipines” came along, and aside from an allegation that it was ripped off from an old Switzerland tourism campaign (That was quickly discarded when Switzerland itself approved of the campaign.), this one became a runaway success

4. Orange And Lemons Sings About How Great It Is To Be A Pinoy – By Stealing The Melody Of An English Band

So ironic, it's like rain on your wedding day!

The Ripoff: “Pinoy Ako” was probably the biggest OPM song the year it came out, as it supported the phenomenal first season of Pinoy Big Brother on TV. Except there was very little “Original” or “Pinoy” about this music, as it turns out. In 1985, English band The Care released a song called “Chandeliers,” and, well, just listen to it mashed up seamlessly with the O&L hit.

The Defense: “It’s unfair!” Apparently, if they cry hard enough about it, they could pretend they were innocent, as they then proceeded to explain how they knew exactly what they were doing when they ripped off Chandeliers just enough for it to still not be considered outright plagiarism.

The Aftermath: In 2006, Orange And Lemons insisted that the controversy made their group more popular than ever, and that it was a positive for them. A year later, they disbanded. Huh.

3. Ogie Alcasid Writes Awesome Song For Regine Velasquez, Promptly Gets Copied By Jang Hye Jin

I don't understand a word, but I'm still mesmerized.

The Ripoff: I think it’s safe to say that Ogie Alcasid is one of the best songwriters of our generation, and “Pangako,” the hit song he co-wrote with Manilyn Reynes and interpreted by Ogie’s now-wife Regine Velasquez, was one of the best songs he ever wrote. Apparently, the people behind Korean artist Jang Hye Jin thought so, too.

The Defense: After initially feeling flattered, Ogie then felt robbed by what happened. Thankfully, Ogie’s recording company pursued their talent’s rights, and upon being caught, the Korean recording company didn’t seem to put up any fight over it and simply offered to retroactively buy the rights to “Pangako.”

The Aftermath: All’s well that ends well: Ogie still writes great songs, and Hye Jin’s still hot.

2. MVP Makes Great Graduation Speech About Being a Self-Made Man, But The Speech Wasn’t Exactly Self-Made

                                                  via WWE Wikia

This is why we have graphic designers in the 8List.

The Ripoff: MVP, in 2010, was the guest speaker for the Ateneo’s commencement exercise. After a rousing speech, it turns out many elements of his speech were lifted from Barack Obama, J.K. Rowling, Conan O’Brien, and even Oprah Winfrey. This resulted in immediate backlash.

The Defense: Would you believe it? MVP owned up to the mistake by assuming command responsibility, even if it was obvious a speechwriter made the speech for him. Ateneo tried to keep him around, though, because Fivepeat.

                                                  via Interaksyon

What's a little plagiarism between basketball buddies?

The Aftermath: In an effort to make it clear that the university is totally not willing to look the other way for people who donated a building or two to the school, they took it out on several students by charging them with plagiarism. But not MVP, no siree. After several more issues, though, MVP has completely distanced himself from the Ateneo.

1. Senator Tito Sotto Argues Against the RH Bill By Citing a Blogger’s Sources, But Completely Bypasses the Blogger Who Compiled Said Resources

                                                via ph.yahoo.com

"What's a little plagiarism between basketball buddies?" - Tito Sotto

The Ripoff: In an impassioned privilege speech against the RH Bill where he magically acquired a brand of birth control pills before they existed, few people were surprised when it turns out that a significant chunk of his speech came from an article by blogger Sarah Pope.

The Defense: Where do we begin? Sotto insisted that he quoted Sarah’s sources, and not Sarah herself, while completely missing the part where his transcripts have exactly the same typographical errors as Sarah’s entries, and the part where his own staff admitted they didn’t go through the actual texts Pope was referring to. Unlike MVP, Tito Sotto waffled back and forth with assuming command responsibility over his speechwriters’ errors, and capped his self-pity driven “I’m the victim here” defense with a passive-aggressive shot at Sarah Pope and most of the people calling him out: “Ba’t ko naman iko-quote yung blogger? Blogger lang yun.

The irony? One of the first people to point out his plagiarism would be the Filipino Freethinkers, who clearly learned the value of intellectual honesty after #8 happened.

The Aftermath: The funny thing is, in an attempt to defend himself from all these allegations, the embattled Senator made another privilege speech to explain himself, where he plagiarized Robert Kennedy. Then we found out he added the libel clause to the Cybercrime Law, since the people getting on his nerves were mostly online, then… okay, I’m tired now. Let’s just say he got away with it, because somehow, instead of the 11 women who die in childbirth in the Philippines ever day, it’s the well-off, powerful, TV actor-turned senator who is apparently the “victim” in this picture.

Current mood: accomplished.

(Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

18th October, 2013. 5:15 pm. Comedy Randomicity

.:Improv Comedy Goodness!:.

Until further notice, Switch Improv, the newest improv comedy group in Metro Manila, will be performing regularly in the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre area every Friday night, around 7:30PM. Should be awesome!

In the event it's raining, by the way, we will be relocating near the Promod shop int he same area. It's a free show, so come on down!

.:Standup Comedy Goodness!:.

Will be opening for Mike Unson next Friday, 25 October, 2013, in Bistro M, at the Miramar Hotel. Definitely looking forward to it, and Mike himself has a pretty huge show on 28 October in Solaire, along with Usapang Lalake's Alex Calleja.

Would have loved to be there myself on 28, but you know, reasons.

Current mood: amused.

(Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

11th March, 2011. 5:03 pm. My Heart Goes Out To Japan, And Information Dissemination Re: Tsunami Warning in PH

We interrupt your regular snark to provide you with this link. I will copy and paste the pertinent numbers, but in case of more updates, I'm guessing Jonas will be more fastidious in giving you the relevant details, as I'm pretty slow with the news gathering at the moment.

In any case, here's the info as ganked from Jonas's blog:

Tsunami Alert Level 2 raised in 19 Philippine provinces after 8.9-earthquake hits Japan. The Philippine Coast Guard say that tsunami waves are expected to arrive in the country approximately at 7:08 PM tonight (Philippine Time).

You can reach the ABS-CBN Foundation tsunami hotline at the following numbers:
(+63 2) 411-0011
(+63 2) 411-0012

The Department of Foreign Affairs has established a hotline for Japan-related concerns.
(+63 2) 834-4646

Filipinos with loved ones in Japan can also call up the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) at the following number:
(+63 2) 722-1155

Current mood: worried.

(Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

30th July, 2010. 8:35 pm. Project 365 Two-Fer (224-225)

.:224/365: Laser Cut:.

What is pretty much one of the most bizarre illusions you will ever watch, David Copperfield plays his role to the hilt here in a manner that can only be classified as “smarmy”. With laser lights seemingly cutting through Copperfield, he begins walking around all over the stage as if he were truly split into two pieces. The very eye-catching illusion was certainly an impressive feat back in the day, especially since it was performed live in Las Vegas, with viewing audiences completely stumped as to how it was pulled off.

Throughout this performance, what you will observe about Copperfield is how underrated his aptitude for comedy actually is. The fact that he gets to elicit chuckles without even uttering a word at key moments in the illusion only cement how amazing Copperfield really is when it comes to being a total package.

This illusion is actually not one of his best ones, but the way he packaged it certainly makes for a very interesting and entertaining routine altogether, and something worthy of performing as a Vegas main eventer. The day I ever end up performing in Vegas would be the day I believe I have made it as a performer, and here’s one of those amazing individuals doing it for years, and winning almost universal praise for his work.

Having said all that, I think it should be obvious what my final topic on stage magic will be on the last day of the month...

.:225/365: David Copperfield:.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most influential name in the magic industry of the last generation, bar none.

Many new magicians might claim allegiance to David Blaine and scoff at David Copperfield’s overly choreographed performances in favour of Blaine’s “gritty” style, but has anyone bothered asking Blaine if Copperfield ever influenced him? Has anyone ever bothered asking every street magician out there if they ever wanted to perform anything as awe-inspiring as walking through the Great Wall of China, or making the Statue of Liberty Disappear, or flying over the Grand Canyon, as opposed to, well, holding your breath for a long time underwater?

David Copperfield, in my eyes, is a man who defines “legendary” in every sense of the word. As the most commercially successful magician in history, Copperfield is the man practically all David Blaine wannabes inwardly aspire for. The man is graceful, funny, brilliant, and let’s face it, richer than pretty much any other magician has ever been.

I don’t think I need to sing the man’s praises so extensively for anyone to understand the kind of influence he has exerted on the magic industry, having raised the bar for performances to the point that anyone who is considered good at it will only hear one of two comparisons: you’re the next David Blaine, or you’re the next David Copperfield. Either statement is a huge compliment to any person, and I can tell you without any doubt that I would be deeply honoured to have people compare me to even a single percent of Copperfield’s skill and prowess as a performer.

Born David Kotkin to Jewish parents, Copperfield took on the name as a teenager because of the book of the same name. He started performing professionally very early, at around 10 years or so, and even became a lecturer about magic as early as 16 years old. He made a name for himself throughout his performances, earning accolades not just because he was a good magician but simply because everything about his performing persona screamed “magic”. In 1977, he had his first TV special called “The Magic of CBS”, and this gave birth to Copperfield’s “The Magic Of David Copperfield”, various magic shows on television, comprising almost three decades of great and captivating television.

When asked about his influences, it’s actually unsurprising to hear Copperfield say that it wasn’t a particular magician. He looked at the likes of Fred Astaire and other similarly influential people, and thought, “Hey, I want to do that for magic!”

And he did.

With a unique style and a kind of elegance that only he can elicit, Copperfield was in a league of his own. He was the total package: he was mysterious, he was elegant, and he was deceptively hilarious. While undeniably elegant, it took decades for someone like Lance Burton to hit his stride in the humor department, whereas Copperfield was exhibiting it from day 1. Penn and Teller are hilarious, but they were certainly anything but elegant. David Blaine is mysterious, but certainly not funny or elegant. Criss Angel... Criss Angel sucks and doesn’t hold a candle to Blaine, Penn and Teller, Burton, and certainly not to David Copperfield.

It’s what Copperfield has achieved that makes me marvel at him altogether. He’s done it all, to say the least, and nobody can deny how much impact he has had on the world of magic, bringing it to the mainstream consciousness long before David Blaine gave magic yet another resurgence, albeit by taking it back to its grittiest. Copperfield dressed everything up, polished it, and made everything he did larger than life. And really now, name me a single magician who doesn’t want to be regarded as larger than life, no matter how “gritty” they may project themselves to be?

Mr. Copperfield, thank you for your unique brand of magic. You are truly a once-in-a-lifetime performer, and we may well never encounter another one quite like you again for at least another decade.

Current mood: amused.

(Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

23rd May, 2010. 10:49 am. Taumbayan Last Friday: A Total Blast!

.:Yet Another Successful Taumbayan Variety Night!:.

Last Friday, myself, Stanley Chi, and the great Ony Carcamo took Taumbayan by storm one more time as we performed for a packed house in T. Gener corner K-1st in the Kamuning area. It was a night filled with laughs and gasps, and I was pretty happy about how things went for everyone that night, as I went significantly longer than I normally do, going for a full half-hour of magic and comedy as I established the rhythm for the other performers that night.

I opened with the Coloring Book repeat, followed with some shackles and some rope, then went off to do some good ol’ mentalism by doing some card improv, the shaker, some psychokinesis, and of course, the piece de resistance, levitation.

Stanley was on fire last Friday as he went close to half an hour of old and new (!) material that just had everyone chuckling and then guffawing like mad. The audience was a perfect mix, as half of the audience were laughing because they got the 80’s jokes, and the other half were laughing because they realized they were too young to get the joke.

It was a great run-up, really, because after about an hour’s worth of performances, after packing the house to the point that people were actually watching us by the stairs already since the venue had two floors worth of people watching, sir Ony Carcamo took to the stage and gave everyone more than their money’s worth by doing an hour of amazing ventriloquism. Everyone was in stitches over how funny the jokes were, and he even did his own brand of mentalism while he was at it, as he joked around and “botched” predictions left and right, only to prove to everyone that he knew all along what was going to happen.

All in all, this was a pretty amazing show, and I even managed to sit down and chat with none other than John Lapuz that night, whose movie, “Here Comes The Bride,” I was especially fond of. Hopefully, when we do our show again next month, even more people would come and see it, because at 150 bucks, the show is practically a steal.

Thanks, everyone! You can expect more from us in the days to come.

Current mood: accomplished.

(Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

9th April, 2010. 10:17 pm. 30 Days Of Music (2/30)

.:Day 2/30 Of 30 Days Of Music: My Least Favorite Song:.

Jennifer Lopez wrote only half a song, and if you read the lyrics, you can tell for yourself. Yegads.

Talk About Us
by Jennifer Lopez

I saw you and fell in love
You saw me and fell in love, too
You and me; we fell in love with each other last night
I told you I was concerned
You told me of your concerns, too
Yet and still we both decided
To make love last night
Baby, please tell me

Where do we go from here my love
What are we doing baby
Boy you gotta let me know
Why can't we live the way we want
I want the world to know
I just gotta let it show
What do we stand to lose
If being together
Is what we choose
Oh my love
I think that we should talk
About us

Could this be a crazy dream
And if so then you're dreaming too
'Cause I know for sure that
You feel the same as I do
Could it be that we could be wrong
Even though we're feeling so right
I don't care because I know
That I want you tonight
And I know you want me too


You see all my live I've waited
Waited all my life
Just to be with someone like you


This song is just... blech.

(Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

6th October, 2009. 6:51 am. Closer Than You Think...

.:Hectic Doesn't Even Begin To Cover It...:.

It's only Tuesday, but I already am so harassed and can't wait for the weekend.

A sponsor backed out, leaving me with a lot of problems to worry about, to say the least. Nonetheless, I'm still hanging in there, and this is really the time where strength of character could really turn things around for a person.

This is a challenge, and this is for a good cause. I face it willingly.


My blog post, Lost Gems Of Philippine History: The 1896 Board Meeting, is one of the nominees for this year's Philippine Blog Awards, for the top 10 blog posts of the year.

I'm actually fairly surprised I made the cut, but I heartily welcome even just the nomination. I wrote this post in response to a blogger who, in the recent past, decided to write and disparage the likes of Rizal and Bonifacio, so I figured I needed a good counterpoint that would answer his allegations but at the same time, give it a humorous outlook rather than a hostile one.

Well, here's hoping I make it into the top 10, but win or lose, being a finalist is more than enough for me. :)

.:Preparations Underway...:.

Practicing Metamorphosis with Brenda last weekend proved to be a very interesting endeavor. Looks like the fans of the Pendragons watching Bound And Gagged on October 23 will be having something to look forward to on that nigh,

.:Too Soon?:.

Noel Gascon's set last night in Spicy Fingers went really uniquely. He definitely took some risks with his jokes, and I'd like to think that it paid off.

And, oh. I bought an X-Box 360... nuninu...

That, and... lookit my company ID! Cool, or coolest thing ever?

Current mood: excited.

(Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

11th August, 2009. 7:06 pm. Today's LSS: Kung Ako Na Lang Sana...

.:Today's LSS...:.

This song goes out to someone I know. I always ask myself sometimes why the people we value are the people the others who are lucky to have them tend to just throw away. But I guess I'm the king of wishful thinking.

Kung Ako Na Lang Sana
by Bituin Escalante

Heto ka naman
Kumakatok sa aking pintuan
Muling naghahanap ng makakausap
At heto na naman ako
Nakikinig sa mga kwento mong paulit-ulit lang

Nagtitiis kahit nasasaktan
Ewan kung bakit ba
Hindi ko pa nadadala
Hindi ba't kailan lang nang ika'y iwanan nya

At ewan ko sa iyo
Parang bale wala ang puso ko
Ano nga ba meron siya
Na sa akin ay di mo makita


Kung ako na lang sana ang iyong minahal
Di ka na muling mag-iisa
Kung ako na lang sana ang iyong minahal
Di ka na muling luluha pa
Di ka na mangangailan pang humanap ng iba
Narito ang puso ko
Maghihintay lamang sa iyo

Heto pa rin ako
Umaasa ang puso mo
Baka sakali pang ito'y magbago narito lang ako
Kasama ang buong buhay mo

Ang kulang na lang mahalin mo rin akong lubusan

(Repeat Chorus 2x)
Kung ako na lang sana...

Current mood: depressed.

(Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

11th May, 2009. 8:25 am.

I'll be on Ruffa and Ai around 10:15-11:15 AM today, guys, on Channel 2. Do watch! :)

(Open Up A Can Of Whoop-@$$)

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