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An Open Invitation

Hey there!

If you can make it, I'd definitely appreciate your presence for a celebration on October 1, a Saturday. I also hope you know what the celebration is for. ;)

The plan is to have everyone meet up in Shangrila foodcourt at 2:30, and then from there, the people in attendance will organize a plan of sorts.

It's obviously going to be a KKB affair, but it's the company we're after right now, aren't we? There's a chance we can go to San Mig Cafe after meeting up.

Other alternate plans are going to someone's house collectively while someone brings a Magic Videoke mic.

I would also take a page from Sacha's book and ask for letters (Hand-written letters rule.) from people at this juncture, although I would also have to request someone, anyone, to bring a camera. I don't have one, but archivist that I am, I wouldn't want to miss having the memories recorded...

Do give me a reply to this post if you're interested in being there. I'd definitely appreciate your presence... PLEASE INFORM ME ASAP WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN GO, AND I CAN'T AFFORD TO START OFF LATE...

Hope to see you there, jabroni!
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